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ööööhm doch nich...
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music . is . my . e v e r y t h i n g ♥
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"Well, 10% of the people are gay, 10% are straight, and everybody else is bi. That's my theory."

-Red from "Goldfish Memory"
The ending of Echo and Narcissus in Ovid's Metamorphoses:

As wax dissolves, as ice begins to run, 
And trickle into drops before the sun; 
So melts the youth, and languishes away, 
His beauty withers, and his limbs decay; 
And none of those attractive charms remain, 
To which the slighted Echo su'd in vain. 

She saw him in his present misery, 
Whom, spight of all her wrongs, she griev'd to see. 
She answer'd sadly to the lover's moan, 
Sigh'd back his sighs, and groan'd to ev'ry groan: 
"Ah youth! belov'd in vain," Narcissus cries; 
"Ah youth! belov'd in vain," the nymph replies. 
"Farewel," says he; the parting sound scarce fell 
From his faint lips, but she reply'd, "farewel." 
Then on th' wholsome earth he gasping lyes, 
'Till death shuts up those self-admiring eyes. 
To the cold shades his flitting ghost retires, 
And in the Stygian waves it self admires. 

For him the Naiads and the Dryads mourn, 
Whom the sad Echo answers in her turn; 
And now the sister-nymphs prepare his urn: 
When, looking for his corps, they only found 
A rising stalk, with yellow blossoms crown'd. 
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Sometimes I wonder...
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Every real piano players have done that... well maybe not as cute as a kitten.
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Gah! Noooooo!
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MANGO-MANIA! That really is a huge mango...
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Two cute girls kissing... awwwww
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A quintet of the best and nuttiest musicians in the world.
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RAVEL -- Prélude (1913)

Gotta love Ravel's harmonies...
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